Once Again: The Structure of the Narrative of Solomon's Reign

TitleOnce Again: The Structure of the Narrative of Solomon's Reign
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication1999
AuthorsWilliams, David S.
Journal Journal for the Study of the Old Testament

Scholars have proposed two primary structures for 1 Kgs 3.1-11.13: on the one hand, a bipartite structure of two parallel stories (chs. 3–8; 9–11); and on the other, a concentric/chiastic structure which focuses on the building and dedication of the Temple in chs. 6–8. A review of linguistic (verbal) evidence supports the position that the fundamental structure is one of two parallel stories. Further examination, however, suggests that key observations associated with the proposal of a concentric/chiastic structure may be synthesized with the notion of parallel stories. Such an understanding enriches our appreciation of the text, by revealing a web of connections in the narrative, suggesting a tightly woven and sophisticated account. 

1 Kgs. 3:1–11:13