Recommended Resources

Paul Gaechter, Literary Art in the Gospel of Matthew

Translated from German into English by Lore Schultheiss from Die literarische Kunst im Matthäus-Evangelium (Stuttgarter Bibelstudien 7; Stuttgart, 1965), and published, with permission from Katholisches Bibelwerk, by John W. Welch, ed. (Provo, Utah: BYU Studies, 2013). 







Chiasmus in Antiquity

Chiasmus in Antiquity was published in 1981 at Gerstenberg Verlag in Hildesheim, Germany, and was reprinted in 1998 at Brigham Young University. The full text is available online. Its contributors define and demonstrate the presence of chiasmus in selected ancient literatures.







Chiasmus in the New Testament: A Study in the Form and Function of Chiastic Structures

Nils W. Lund. This book, originally published in 1942, has become a classic work in the study of chiasmus. Available from Amazon





Chiasmus: An Open Conference on the State of the Art

BYU Studies and Book of Mormon Central held a two-day conference on BYU's campus on Tuesday, August 15th and Wednesday, August 16th, 2017. The conference sessions had presentations by LDS and non-LDS scholars discussing chiasmus in the Bible and in other texts, including the Book of Mormon. The video recordings of the proceedings can be found at the above link. 

Recommended Links

Andrew Olsen, Bible Genome Project

Avraham Walfish, Mishnah Poetics

Avraham Walfish, Approaching Text: Mishnah Tosefta Berakhot

Biblical Chiasm Exchange